Saturday, December 20, 2014

Trailer Time: "Infected"

After the accident, Rebecca (Rosie Pearson – Cry Wolf) discovers herself in a very different world than she remembers. Plagued by her patchy memory and self-doubt she fends for herself. She encounters Gary (Darren Kent – Game of Thrones/ Snow White and The Huntsman) who tells her a terrifying story of his escape from the local jail. Can Rebecca trust Gary? Can she cope with what she learns? Can she survive in the world of the ‘Infected’. Infected is a short horror film, lovingly produced by the team at Silent Studios and Directed by Jason Wright (Demon Mist/ Resident Evil 6).

The UK Premiere is due in January at the Horror on Sea film festival.

For more information, follow the film on Twitter! Xmas Celebration

SPANISHFEAR.COM spent a whole day together with Jesús Bernal from El Necronomicón de los Templarios thinking about which Xmas movies we have in Spanish Horror cinema… and being able only to find one, we had to change our plans for our December special. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there are only two movies to be included in this subgenre: Alex de la Iglesia’s The Day of the Beast and Paco Plaza’s Cuento de Navidad. Being the last one not even a movie,due to the fact that it is part of a collection called Films to Keep you Awake, made for TV broadcasting, we are left with only one. And… ok… next year it will be its 20th anniversary… what should be do then?….

LET’S START ITS ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION!!!!! How? Let’s listen into its amazing soundtrack in which some tracks are new views of classic Spanish Xmas carols.

Also, let’s not forget about the TV movie previously mentioned and let us give you some information and a review. It was released  internationally so you may have a chance of watching it: 

And do not forget about our Short of the Month dedicated, in a way, to a film with some Xmas spirit. We are talking about HALLOWEEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS by Rafa Martínez


Friday, December 19, 2014

Time of Death: Asylum

First there was…

And now comes the much anticipated sequel…

Surviving the journey is just the beginning. 

The last two months have brought nothing but death and destruction for Emma Rossi. She survived the initial zombie outbreak with her husband, Jake, and their dog, Daphne, but the cost was steep: Sanibel has fallen. 

In a world where the only constant is change, the group is pushed to their limits before reaching the gates of Asylum, a coastal stronghold in Sarasota, Florida. 

Once again, Emma must navigate an apocalyptic wasteland filled with relentless hordes of the undead and other menacing horrors that threaten her survival. 

Only thing is certain. No one is safe from what lurks on either side of Asylum's gates. Sanity will be tested; and many won't live to tell the tale. 

Check out the great things being said about this book…

"Epic writing from a fantastic new author. FESTA blends horror with humor for a hauntingly wicked story. Filled with a hint of love & romance, lots of action, just enough gore."

"Asylum has everything the zombie reader could want; realism, a story which rings true given the subject matter, an episodic storyline, pathos, a touch of humor, and one hell of a cliff-hanger."

"I LOVED this book!! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. A+++++ Highly recommend. "

"If any book ever deserved a 5 star review, it would be this one! Shana Festa's writing style is awesome! Her characters come life with such personality you feel as if you are right along beside them fighting the zombies. I found myself cheering them on, cringing at times, and in anguish over their losses. Utterly captivating!"

"this is an excellent continuation to a fantastic zombie apocalypse series. I highly recommend it to fans of the genre as well as to anyone who's never tried zombie books before. Can't wait for the next book!"

Don’t wait… get your copy today at:

For more information, please visit:

The Bookie Monster Facebook:

Coyote, One of the Most Celebrated Indie Horror Films of 2013, Now Available

Wild Eye Releasing's Psychological Nightmare 
Bill Oberst Jr's Coyote Now Available Nationwide 
"A modern surrealist film that tortures the psyche and plays with psychological fears."

New York, NY - Wild Eye Releasing has announced the December 16th DVD release of film festival favorite Coyote.  Hailed as "wickedly brilliant" (A Bucket of Corn), "an amazingly bold first time feature" (Film Bizarro), and "a visceral assault on the senses" (Horror Movies.Ca),Coyote has been a hit on the festival circuit, taking home awards for Best Feature as well as Best Actor for star Bill Oberst Jr.  The DVD release of Coyote will be available nationwide (SRP $14.95).

An aspiring writer with insomnia descends into a world of madness and serial killing violence as he is torn between what is real and what has crawled from the darkest recesses of his mind - making him a threat to everyone around him, and most of all himself. A nightmarish, psychological horror that blends Taxi Driver with Videodrome, Coyotefeatures a career-making performance from horror favorite Bill Oberst Jr.

The DVD release of Coyote will exclusively include three feature length commentaries: one with Bill Oberst, one with director Trevor Juenger, and one with cinematographer, as well as the short film Trash Man.  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Horror Book Club

For those who like to face their fears... with books! 

We read one weird, wonderful and (crucially) terror-inducing book* a month. Then we meet up in central London to discuss. 

If you like: 

• Horror 
• Dark Fantasy 
• Weird Fiction 
• Ghost Stories 
• Gothic Fiction 
• or just generally being scared and/or weirded out of your pants... 

...then The Horror Book Club is for you! 

Join them at…

And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter!

Indie Horror Feature The Culling Releases a Supernatural Trailer - First Look!

The Culling – First Trailer
“When the Devil Breeds, a New Evil is Born!”

Los Angeles, California – The supernatural thriller The Culling is being revealed here! This title, from director Rustam Branaman, involves a lost and lonely, young girl. She encounters five friends at an isolated cafe and they bring her back to her home. But, a secret lies in the bowels of this cursed structure, one in which none of the friends can escape. Starring Elizabeth Di Prinzio (The Devil Within), Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan), Brett Davern (“Awkward”), Chris Coy, (Hostel: Part III) and Linsey Godfrey, The Culling now has a thrilling first trailer.

The clip shows the five friends, with Lucy (Harley Graham). They drive her back to her home, but the house is strangely empty. As the night grows darker, Tyler, Emily, Sean, Hank, and Amanda begin to suspect that Lucy has brought them into a ghostly trap. Can they escape this curse? Only if the home’s demonic inhabitants will let them.

Recently, The Culling has been picked up by Signature Entertainment, for distribution in the United Kingdom. The release will take place on DVD, this upcoming March 23rd, 2015. As well, there are plans to release the film in North America; New Media Millenium Distributors will handle the film’s domestic distribution. A release date for the United States and Canada is coming soon. For now, media and editors can enjoy a first look at, which is sure to be, one of 2015’s most exciting and terrifying indie horror features- The Culling!

The trailer can be downloaded here and uploaded on the platform of your choosing:

As well, the trailer can be viewed here, on Youtube:

More photos can be found at the Silver Lining Media Group social media page:

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