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ANATHEMA Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon!

Northern UK film-makers, Thomas R. Houston and Dane Jones, are set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their post-apocalyptic, debut feature film, ANATHEMA. If successful, the funds will be used to produce the movie and help bring this dark and brooding story to screen.

Short Synopsis: Mankind’s end is near. A lethal pathogen has consumed the globe, causing civilisation to collapse upon itself.
From the ashes, rises a new world. A cruel, merciless, violent world.

Several months after the collapse, Addison, and his younger sister, Kate, travel through the country seeking refuge from the harsh hostilities of the post-apocalypse.

Survival is an everyday fight.

Story: ANATHEMA is a taut, post-apocalyptic thriller/coming of age story following a teenager and his sister as they journey across the country, seeking out the rumours of salvation.
Addison must learn that all he used to know is gone and his life depends on adapting to this hostile new world.
ANATHEMA explores the depth of human behavior and survival in the most extreme situations.

With dark overtones and insurmountable pressures, the film tells a tense story about growing up and the choices we are forced to make to continue.

Director: ANATHEMA’s Writer/Director, Thomas R. Houston, is a seasoned film-maker in short format. Many years in the industry as a freelance corporate & music video director and local film-maker have given him the vision & ability to convey fantastic, personal stories on screen.

Cast: ANATHEMA has received interest in the lead roles from the likes of Alex Etel, lead of Danny Boyle’s Millions and The Water Horse, Amber Rose Revah, most notable for The Devil’s Double and award winning John Lynch, who starred in Sliding Doors, In The Name Of Our Father and many international T.V. dramas.

Kickstarter: The purpose of this Kickstarter is to raise £30k for the production of ANATHEMA.
During and upon completion of production we will raise finance via industry sources and tax credits for post-production/distribution.
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Twitter: @Anathematweets

Blood Vengeance

Sick of being bullied, seventeen-year-old Brennan Cooper packs up for San Francisco to start over. But before he can settle into his new home, Bren is drawn to the abandoned apartment downstairs. In its shabby rooms, he sees the grey and rotting ghosts of murdered girls claw each other in sick imitation of their deaths. 

With his wild new friends, Brennan explores the seedy streets of the city. But the laughter and screams downstairs continue to both terrify and entrance him. After meeting Tara, his dream girl, he convinces her to explore the downstairs apartment with him. There they encounter not only the murdered victims but the raging spirit of the girls’ dead killer. 

Bren and Tara’s ghost-hunt soon becomes a manhunt as they trace the history of the “San Francisco Ripper.” But retaliation for their meddling is quick and brutal. Now time is running out, not just for Brennan and his friends, but for the spirits of the girls trapped for all those years with their murderer.

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About the Author:

Michael Schutz was born and raised in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. He attended the UW-Stevens Point and graduated with an English degree from the Madison campus. A lifelong diet of Ray Bradbury and Stephen King whet his appetite for the macabre. A lover of all things horror,he plumbs the depths of Netflix in search of scary movies. He lives in northern California with his husband and the enduring spirit of their cat, Catie.

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Kim Fowley donates his corpse to Girls and Corpses for cover??

KIM FOWLEY’s plans to donate his corpse to Girls and Corpses Magazine in Limbo!
Where is his corpse?

Back in 2012, Kim Fowley (record producing prodigy of “The Runaways”), and a massive fan of Girls and Corpses Magazine, who had attended and hosted dozens of events for the newsstand magazine, decided what he wanted to do after he died. He wished to, “Have his freshly dead body photographed for the cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine with a couple hot fetish models.” The photoshoot was planned to take place upon his death and photographer was hired. The plan was set and Kim, who was gravely ill for several years, made sure his attorney put this into his will.

Girls and Corpses Publisher/Deaditor-In-Chief Robert Steven Rhine explains: “This was Kim’s personal dying wish to be on the cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine when he died and then burned on a funeral pyre in New Orleans. At first I thought it was a bad idea because of the possible negative publicity. But people have crazy wishes in their wills and often have their ashes scattered in odd places as their last dying wishes, so who am I to say what Kim, or anyone else, should do with their dead body”?

But now that Fowley passed away January 16th, the status of his body is still in question after Kim allegedly remarried months before his death. The question should be resolved shortly by the estate attorney in coming days.

“But make no mistake, Kim wanted this in the worst way, to be on Girls and Corpses magazine’s cover, and he was a great friend to me so I’d like to accommodate his last wish,” says Robert “Corpsy” Rhine, adding, “Either way the next issue will be ‘deadicated’ to Kim Fowley and we are running the last thing he ever wrote, which is absolutely wild, in Girls and Corpses Magazine:  Kim titled the article, “Death of A Devil Dog.”

Read email exchange below from Kim Fowley to Robert “Corpsy” Rhine:

From: Robert Rhine <>
Subject: Corpsy he re Kim and his death request
To: "Snow Mercy" <>
Cc: "Kim Fowley" <>, "Mark Berry" <>
Date: Friday, October 12, 2012, 11:20 PM

Hi Snow -

I spoke to Kim today and he wanted me to contact you about his "death" proposal, which I have agreed to for Girls and Corpses Magazine. Here is part of what he emailed me:

"Hopefully you & Snow can work out a Post KF Death/Pre-Funeral Photo Shoot.  I crave a Louisiana Viking Style Funeral Pyre, where it's legal to Burn my Body.  You & Snow Mercy...could transport the KF Corpse to the Swamp Land.  There is enough money in my estate to fund this trip, photo shoot, burning of the hotels, food, transportation etc.  Snow Mercy could bring selected Fetish Women,(Who hate KF).. with you & her to violate the KF Corpse.  Snow & her Fetish Friends, could mutilate the body, providing real Blood & Guts & set my Bones & Blood on Fire. " 


Anyhow, I'm on board for the funeral pyre part and travel to Louisiana. Let me know your thoughts, Snow. We would of course need to discuss this all beforehand, and soon, so that we could have the body transfered onto a plane and accommodations and other details planned in advance so we could react to Kim's death on a moments notice.

I also want to suggest travel expenses for Mark Berry who is our cover photographer and senior photo editor, who Kim know and I am cc-ing on this email.  I also have a videographer who I work with and we could discuss the possibility of his traveling, as well.

Anyhow, lets talk soon Kim and Snow!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Shock Pop Comic Con

Shock Pop Comic Con is South Florida's Biggest and Best Comiccon.

Join them for their inaugural show on February 13-15 2015 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center.

Don’t miss your opportunity to see Horror Icons including…

For more information and to buy tickets, please visit:

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Sunday Scares: "Dark Therapy"

Today’s Sunday Scares feature is about vampire who needs a little help with a big problem…

A Vampire named Erebus seeks psychiatric treatment for a phobia that impacts his way of life.

Starring: Chad Eric Smith, Devin Nikki Thomas, Niko Tarlay, and Honey St. Dennis

Directed by: Chad Eric Smith

Written by: Chad Eric Smith, and Devin Nikki Thomas


For more information, please follow director/writer Chad Eric Smith on Twitter, and “Like” his Facebook page!
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