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The House of Screaming Death

Four Tales of The Macabre!

Enter the House of The Screaming Death in this feature length anthology gothic horror film... tales of terror to chill you to the bone...

One scary night.... One mystery Collector of tales.... Do you dare enter this realm?

Story 1 - What is the mystery of The Lady in Grey? 

Story 2 - A tale of witchcraft and the dark chilling beyond

Story 3 - 1888: The year of the Vampyre

Story 4 - Evil is found in the most innocent of places ... a child's toy

Directed by: Troy Dennison, Rebecca Harris-Smith, David Hastings, Alex Bourne & Kaush Patel

Written by: Troy Dennison (story 1), Mark Lees (story 2), David Hastings (story 3), Alex Bourne (story 4)

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Horror Channel premieres DEATH PROOF & DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND

Film News (UK): Horror Channel gives premieres to DEATH PROOF and DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND

Horror Channel is to broadcast the Network premieres of Quentin Tarrantino’s DEATH PROOF, starring Kirk Russell as a speed-obsessed serial killer and Mark McQueen’s apocalyptic body-counter DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND, starring Danny Dyer, Craig Fairbrass and MyAnna Buring.

DEATH PROOF (2007), originally released in cinemas as a double bill with Robert Rodriguez's ‘Planet Terror’, will be screened on Sat 28 March at 10.35pm. DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND (2010) will screen on Fri 27 March at 10.45pm

There are also UK TV premieres for monster creeper NAILBITER (Fri 20 March, 9pm) and twisted chiller THE COLLECTION (Sat 21 March, 10.50pm). Plus, there is a Network Premiere for David Twhoy’s survival thriller A PERFECT GETAWAY (Sat 14 March, 9pm), starring Milla Jovovich and Chris Hemsworth.

And we mustn’t forget THE INCREDIBLE HULK as Series 4 receives its network premiere from Mon 9 March at 1.40pm and 6.50pm

TV: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138

Friday, February 27, 2015

Watch "The Body" & "Him Indoors" Today!

The Body is the story of a contract killer using the cover of Halloween to dispose of his latest victim. As he attempts to drag the dead man's body across London, his gear and body bag get mistaken for a costume, and he is talked into a attending a local Halloween party with a group of revellers.

Events take another strange twist when the killer finds himself enjoying the company of a young partygoer named Maggie, who mistakenly believes the killer is on a scavenger hunt, and recruits her friends to help him bury the body. The group set off in the killer's van to drive to a quiet woodland area where events then take a hilarious and horrifying turn for the worse...

Starring: Alfie Allen (Game of ThronesJohn Wick) and Hannah Tointon (Penny DreadfulMr SelfridgeThe Inbetweeners)

Directed by Paul Davis

The film has screened across the international film festival circuit, with in-competition selections ranging from Tribecca Film Festival to Fantastic Fest, and has been widely praised by critics as both a strong horror and darkly comedic piece.  

“A of the best horror films I've seen!”
-Unseen Films

“The best halloween-themed short I've ever seen!”
-Empire Magazine

“An absolute blast!”
-Total Film

“A short masterpiece...”
-Twitch Film

Along with the release of The Body comes the release of Him Indoors

An agoraphobic serial killer is facing eviction from his home.

Starring: Reece Shearsmith (The League of Gentlemen, Shaun of the Dead, Psychoville) and Pollyanna McIntosh (Filth, Prevertere)

“Dark, dastardly and deliciously funny”

Both films are available to watch today at:

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Junior Inquisitor

Brother Sebastian is halfway up a mountain in Vermont, hell-bent on interrogating an old woman in a shack, when he gets the order to abandon his quest for personal vengeance. He has to find a missing Inquisitor, or, more likely, his remains. He’s reluctant, to say the least. Not only will he have to stop chasing the best potential lead he’s had in years, this job—his first solo mission—will mean setting foot in the grubby black hole of Providence, Rhode Island. And, somehow, it only gets worse…
If he’d known he would end up ass deep in witches, werewolves, and ogres, and that this mission would jeopardize not only his sanity but also his immortal soul, he never would’ve answered the damn phone.

Take a look at this excerpt:

Revenge was simple. Pure. You had purpose and clarity. Phone calls…they complicated life. Had I known what was going to happen, I’d never have answered the damn thing.

I was driving up a ridge in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Now that the morning mist had finally burned away, the mountains towered over me. Leafy green rose up to meet wispy clouds and an eye-scorching blue sky. The early morning chill was gone, and I’d rolled down the windows. For a moment, just a second, I forgot and got ready to stop and admire the view, maybe take a picture for—

The familiar ache gnawed at my stomach. Sarah. Would I ever get used to not being able to share things with her?

My car chugged up a twisted, poorly-maintained dirt and gravel forestry road the width of a fat donkey. Quickly built back in the 1930s as a make-work program, it had long since been abandoned and mostly led to make-out spots for local teenagers. Still, the twists and turns were no problem for my “undercover” car, a mud-brown Volvo station wagon, fairly ubiquitous in this part of the world. I was headed, mostly in second gear, to an old shack where a crazy woman lived—the end to my current quest.

I’d heard about a particular bit of strangeness going on in the mountains when I was in Burlington. My mission there had turned nasty—two team members were still recovering from burns.

Get your copy at:

Let the Oddness Begin! "Odd Noggins" Brings the Weird

Director Joe Sherlock's strange sci-fi horror movie ODD NOGGINS is now available as a limited edition unrated director's cut DVD, following a successful world premiere at Portland, Oregon's Clinton Street Theater, famous for having shown Rocky Horror Picture Show weekly since 1978! Since writer/director Sherlock describes his weird flick as "the perfect midnite-movie-style movie" the venue seemed fitting.  

After a strange man in a black suit introduces the movie and warns viewers, "Keep your eyes peeled, or I will have to peel them for you. Hold on to your colon…because here we go," ODD NOGGINS introduces the viewer to a number of housewives who work as bellydancers, clowns for kids parties and gorilla-gram deliverers. Stoic Mr. Birch is conducting unseen experiments, while everyone seems to be watching the same gross horror movie on tv, having nightmares and talking about going to Bob's halloween party. Various story threads come together in slimy and gory ways.

More information can be found at

Sherlock wrote, produced, directed, shot, edited and scored the feature. He is no stranger to splashing the red stuff, having helmed recent bloodbaths DRIFTER and BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN, and celebrates his 20th year of creating microcinema fare.

Chris McMillan from Shadow Over Portland commented, "I enjoyed it…the Corman reference and Harryhausen moments were nice. And I appreciated the non-linear story." 

Christopher Jayawardena, director of Downcast called it, "another gross-out romp from Joe Sherlock and co., ODD NOGGINS is definitely a goofball blast. Comedic bizarro antics, alien invasion, copious mayonnaise (Corman-brand!), and the best damn collection of bubble baths ever…a blast for those that dig it!"

Odd Noggins stars Dale Wilson (Drifter, Beneath A Dead Moon), Liana Williams (Blood Creek Woodsman), Bryn Kristi (Throng, Drifter, Twisted Fates), Bob Olin (10 Days in a Madhouse, C.O.G., Lake Noir) Gwyn Laree (Deep Dark, Deadly Premonitions, Beneath A Dead Moon) and a bevy of Sherlock's b-movie gang.


Women in Horror: Featuring The Horror Honeys

As you may know, February is "Women in Horror" month. To celebrate, asked women from different professions if they would like to answer some questions about being a "Woman in Horror." This time we have a group of the women who were kind enough to answer our questions, the fantastic Horror Honeys. Lets see what they said about being a “Woman in Horror”…

-When did you first become a horror fan?

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn: Junior high
Horror TV Honey Lisa: I was around 12 when I saw A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 and there was no going back from there.
Supernatural Honey Suzanne: Elementary school. My babysitter introduced me to Stephen King.
Revenge Honey Linnie: When I was little, I would sit outside the door to my grandpa's TV room and secretly watch Stephen King movies along with him. So probably when I was 6 or 7.
Slasher Honey Chassity: Since 10. My uncle snuck me a copy of Scream, and I’ve been hooked ever since.
Head Honey Kat: I was a bit of a creepy kid, at 4 I was determined that I was going to marry Vincent Price.  

-Was there a specific moment when you realized that you wanted to go from being a fan of horror to a woman who contributes to the genre, or did it just kind of happen naturally?

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn: Happened naturally after I hooked up with my original sister in screams, Linnie, and her passion increased mine!  
Horror TV Honey Lisa: Completely happened by accident via a random Twitter interaction.
Supernatural Honey Suzanne: I always wanted to do something in the genre, but writing really happened through my twitter connections.
Revenge Honey Linnie: I'd been writing about darker things since I was in middle school, but I didn't have an outlet for it until I met Jocelyn, and then we eventually both became Horror Honeys! The environment encouraged me to pursue more work in the horror world
Slasher Honey Chassity: Happened naturally. I talk about horror all the time on social media. Then I met Lisa and she’s been hooking me up with amazing horror opportunities ever since.
Head Honey Kat: It kind of just... happened. I never really had a plan to be a horror writer/journalist/author/movie-obsessed weirdo, but itsbeen a wonderful rollercoaster ride.

- What does having a "Women in Horror" month mean to you?

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn: Not sure yet, seems like a fairly new construct?
Supernatural Honey Suzanne: In theory, it’s great, but since women are really making huge headway in horror, it seems a bit… insulting.
Revenge Honey Linnie: I think Hannah Neurotica did a fabulous thing when she spearheaded the movement. But it's up to all of us to make sure people remember we're here all year. Not just in February.
Slasher Honey Chassity: I feel like it’s existence shows good intentions, but draws attention to how unfortunately rare women in horror are.
Head Honey Kat: The goal of WiHM is to eventually cease to exist, and I applaud that wholeheartedly. The struggle that women in horror face to be recognized on the same level as our male counterparts is sometimes a painful one and we put up with a lot of shit. I hope that WiHM will open people’s eyes to the fact that it really shouldn’t be necessary to highlight our gender when it comes to horror, but celebrate the fact that the genre is growing in diverse ways and that we have something valid and unique to contribute.

-Is there a woman in horror who you consider a role model?

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn: Locally I love Jill Sixx(Call Girl) who is doing her own thing big-time!
Horror TV Honey Lisa: Dpyx-I think we will all be hearing a lot from them in the future. Also, more people should know what Stacy Pippa Hammon is doing.
Revenge Honey Linnie: Gale Anne Hurd is a huge role model of mine. She has been the unsung hero behind so many horror and sci-fi films over the years, and rarely gets the credit she deserves. Also, Emilie Autumn because she's pure magic.
Slasher Honey Chassity: For me, this is an impossible choice.

-How do you think the role of women in horror has changed over the years?

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn: I hope less victimhood, more independence (i.e., You’re Next, which I LOVED).
Horror TV Honey Lisa: I don't feel that it has changed very much. I think what has changed is the amount of women who are vocal about being a part of it and that is what will begin to shape things for the better.
Supernatural Honey Suzanne: I think women writers and directors are proving that they can create smart, thought provoking and scary films that don’t have to rely on gore or pointless nudity to draw an audience.
Slasher Honey Chassity: Women are becoming more and more heroic, to me. And by that I mean that they dominate sometimes and even rescue the men. Positive moments for women in horror are less and less accidental and coincidental. Final Girls are more and more proactive. These days, we get strong women who have always been strong, versus seeming to luck into their roles and their strengths because of circumstances.
Head Honey Kat: I think being vocal is a big part of the change. Women make up a HUGE percentage of the horror audience, and we’re not afraid to express ourselves when it comes to what we love and hate about the genre. The best and most organic kind of change comes from within, and bringing a different perspective to the genre is a key element of female voices in the horror arena.

-What do you think the future holds for women in horror?

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn: More women writers and directors, ideally!!!  
Horror TV Honey Lisa: I think that depends entirely on how we choose, as a group, to direct that.
Revenge Honey Linnie: Hopefully, we will get to a point when "women in horror" is no longer a distinction that needs to be made. We just are horror.
Slasher Honey Chassity: I think that with more and more women in horror, we’ll see a change. A shift to more unique, defining roles and more creative, never-before-seen ideas for horror films, and moving away from a time when everything is regurgitated.
Head Honey Kat: Horror is a genre that is constantly in flux, and I hope that women can find not just their niche, but a platform to share their unique experience that isn’t pushed aside, dismissed or discounted on the basis of gender. Equality is always the goal, however far away it might be.

Being that this is, please feel free to plug your current/next horror project.

You can find The Horror Honeys at for news, reviews, podcast, and attitude!

They also have a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the Haunted Honey Roadtrip! ~

The Horror Honeys is a collection of strong minded, badass women with foul mouths who are in love with all things horror. We write, live tweet, interview, rant and rave about everything we love (and hate) about the horror genre. 

The Horror Honeys are Full-On Female Fronted Horror, without all that bullshit about being a victim. (bio from their site)

For more information, again please visit:

Twitter handles for the Honey's who supplied answers:

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn:
Horror TV Honey Lisa:
Supernatural Honey Suzanne:
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Slasher Honey Chassity:
Head Honey Kat:

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