Monday, May 25, 2015

Monsters and Nightmares

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Cryptic Pictures Announces Fourth Film Festival Award!


Adding its fourth festival win in two years, Cryptic Pictures LLC is proud to announce its latest accolade from the NOVA International Film Festival. Thanks to all involved for making this film a true success story. 

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Catch directors Christian Stavarakis and Mark Ricche on their exploits exploring the myth and legend of Karl Atticus with Jon Cross of the After Movie Dinerpodcast. Episode 126...

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Caravan is a cautionary tale set in the 90's which follows a young family on a road-trip. As night falls the family pull in for a routine rest-stop where their caravan is invaded by a malevolent intruder.

Directed by: Nathan Lacey

Written by: Sarah Brims, and Nathan Lacey

The idea for the short was originally inspired by Nathan’s personal experiences of family road-trips and growing up in the 90s. Through the writing process Sarah was inspired by the baby-sitter urban legend that was adapted into the feature film “When a Stranger Calls”. She wanted to see how a film like this could play out on the road and to see where that could lead the story and characters. 

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Penny Dreadful Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4 is…

Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places

Lyle reveals how the dark story of the Verbis Diablo affects Vanessa.

Check out these clips from tonight’s episode, and interview with Eva Green…

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Sunday Scares: "Pieces of 8 - Chapter 1"

Today’s Sunday Scares feature was made for the Guillermo Del Toro 2014 Halloween horror competition…

Welcome to a slice of purgatory for one woman who has made a grievous error in her life and is now fated to repeat it forever...

Starring youtube Japan star, Aimi Sekiguchi and NHK presenter and actor Tomoko Hayakawa

Written and directed by: Paul Leeming


And here’s a bonus "Silent Hill" fan film…

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Acclaimed horror film THE HOUSE WITH 100 EYES will be coming to DVD on June 16.  Dubbed "one of the greatest horror films of the century" by Film Radar, this grisly found footage comedy has been denied acceptance by various major VOD providers due to extreme content and is thus highly recommended for die-hard horror fans.

Order date: 5/26/15
Street date: 6/16/15
DVD UPC: 854555004958
SRP: $24.99
Synopsis: AMERICAN PSYCHO meets THIS IS SPINAL TAP in this gory mockumentary.  A nice middle-class American couple spend their spare time making and selling snuff videos.  When they plot their latest - featuring three kills in one night - everything goes terribly, bloodily wrong. THE HOUSE WITH 100 EYES is simultaneously shocking and satirical.
Bonus Features: Gag reel, Sizzle reel, Director's commentary

“One of my favorite horror films of the year...Not for the squeamish,

THE HOUSE WITH 100 EYES will have you laughing and wincing all at once."
– Ain’t It Cool News  
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