Monday, December 17, 2012

The Square Root of Evil

“The Square Root of Evil”

A genre defining, supernatural serial killer mystery, that successfully combines smart horror elements with terror, religious and apocalyptic themes.

“The Square Root of Evil" is a screenplay, based on the book 'The Square Root of Evil,' written by Randy Simmons and William Imbornoni. They are currently looking to have the screenplay made into a featured film. Here’s what it’s about… 

In the horror/thriller “The Square Root of Evil” a bloody serial killer must be stopped before an apocalyptic prophecy is fulfilled, and the ultimate evil unleashed.

Something foul, ancient, and evil has come to a large metropolitan city, beginning its reign in the suburbs with the horrific slaughter of an innocent, pregnant housewife. Kathy Connor, a slick, work-obsessed homicide detective, is assigned to investigate.

Within days, another grotesque murder occurs. Kathy and her partner, Brock Lets, are quickly convinced they are dealing with a sadistic serial killer who has a taste for butchering young women. At each murder scene, an ancient coin is left as a form of perverse payment for the gruesome crime against God and man.

An interview with a witness named Natas, a vile old man, convinces Kathy and Brock that he knows more than he will admit. But Natas soon turns up dead and Brock mysteriously goes down with a flu bug, leaving Kathy to face the mounting body count and the building terror alone, with the realization dawning that all that is coming to pass is somehow connected to her.

As the case flies toward its conclusion, Brock transforms from colleague to suspect and Kathy learns that these attacks were indeed not random, that the personification of evil has drawn her into a realm of horror where the hunter has become the hunted.

The screenplay is getting some awesome reviews…

Cynde Harmon of Really Real Films: "The Dialogue is smart ass good, dialogue, genre, page count is solid across the board.  If we get an opening in our slate we are definitely interested.”

Maria Olsen called the screenplay "an awesome work" and liked it so much that she has just pitched it to Committed Artists Entertainment.

Rebecca Lash, Carrier Talent Management: “I could even see what the characters looked like and experience the smells- excellent work. One other point I must compliment you on is the fact that you have written such a strong female lead.  I couldn’t get her out of my mind. She is someone I would like to get to know and follow in a sequel. There are not enough women like her in the movies! Thank you for that.”

If you are interested in the screenplay or want to know more, please visit:

You can also find Randy on Twitter

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