Are you an actor/actress (pro or not)?  Do you believe you can act? Are you looking to showcase your talent?  Do you have what it takes to impress an audience?  If so the Actor & Actress Contest from Mamiwata Film is the one for you.  Participate and show off your skills.

Entrants are required to choose one of our six Mamiwata Characters: Dale, Emily, Andy, Megan or Matt, Ketty, read the sides provided for each role and get into the character.  Contestants will need to upload their video and convince their friends, family and the Mamiwata community to vote for their entry. The 15 most popular performances will qualify for the second phase of the contest, when the Mamiwata Production Team will choose the six winners on June 15th. Participate now and you can win anywhere from $50 to $300.

For more details and rules just enter our contest page

If you would like to promote your contest here, please contact HorrO at:
Twitter: @PromoteHorror 
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